Projectmanagement & Realization

Project Management

For project management we advise our clients from start to finish. Our clients provide the input and decision making to achieve the desired results and we take on the role of the strategic advisor, bringing in our expertise, experience and network. We have extensive experience in coordinating, managing and communicating with all relevant stakeholders of real estate project management processes. Our goal is always to be as clear and transparent as possible, and to align all stakeholder interests with the intention of succesfully completing our clients' projects.

When dealing with larger or more complex projects, we assign a Process Manager to coordinate all interaction between the relevant parties and processes of the different project fases. The Process Manager takes an independent perspective on the project and makes sure all involved parties' interests are aligned.


Besides new developments we also advise on renovation works for our clients. After some time of use, certain technical functions of properties become obsolete and need to be replaced. This process declines the lifespan of a property, which is why owners need to renovate frequently in order for any tenant or user not to experience difficulties. We advise property owners on the maintenance and management of any property. It is possible to have the realization carried out by us. We have a lot of experience in carrying out both renovation and new construction projects. We can achieve a competitive price in particular through good cooperation with regular partners and tight planning.

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