Real Estate Finance

Have your real estate or construction project financed?

That can be done through us. Do you need financing for the purchase, renovation, construction or investment of real estate? Do you want to refinance your real estate, need a bridge loan or do you have a real estate loan that is about to expire?

We are there for both small and larger loans and can finance up to €100 million, short-term loans up to 5 years or long-term loans up to 15 years based on 3% - 7% interest. Financing can be provided within a few weeks.

Every real estate financing issue requires a specific and personal approach. We know how this works, we know the rules and the right parties in this market to provide you with suitable real estate financing.Proper substantiation of your application is important. We have an extensive network of bankers, private investors and financial partners and we work together with both Dutch and foreign financiers.


The Financing process:

Step 1: 
Inventory of financing application.

Step 2: Submit documents related to the application.

Step 3: Assessment of financing application.

Step 4: Acceptance of financing by lender.

Step 5: Commitment and signing of loan contract.

Step 6: Transfer of the loan and start of the agreed term.

Are you interested in having your project financed by Real Estate Focus? Please feel free to contact us.