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Below you will find the range of hotels (off-market). This concerns both existing hotels and new-build hotels where the operation is offered with or without real estate.

With hotel inventory in Amsterdam declining due to permit restrictions however, we also see an increasing demand for hotel investment opportunities outside of Amsterdam, including cities such as Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, or high traffic locations between those cities. We offer multiple investment opportunities in all regions across the country.

Tourism also continues to increase every year, which means the demand for hotels in Amsterdam persists. This is obviously beneficial to buy a hotel. On top of that, the declining euro and relatively lower prices compared to cities such as London, Paris, Brussels or Berlin, makes the Amsterdam hotel market very attractive.

Apart from hotels in Amsterdam and surroundings, we also regularly get hotels offered in other larger cities. After careful consideration and a good match between supply and demand, we make these hotels available (with or without property).

In view of the discretion of the offer, the image material that is shown is not always the actual photographs / images of the offer. After signing a confidentiality statement, you will receive more detailed information.



Due to our broad network of investors  and hotel owners, the chances are relatively high that you can buy or sell a hotel in the short term. We use a 10-step plan when buying or selling hotels.

Purchase / Sales process:

  1. Show interest via the purchase form.
  2. Introductory meeting if necessary.
  3. Signing confidentiality agreement (NDA) with potential buyer.
  4. Delivery of main data of the hotel.
  5. Visit the hotel. 
  6. Consultation with hotel owner / operator about financial data.
  7. The issuing of a bid by the buying party for follow-up.
  8. Negotiation and agreement on buying / selling price.
  9. Sign sale contract.
  10. Legal and physical transfer.

Hotel for sale or do you want to buy a hotel? You can show your interest without obligation via the purchase form below. We can buy or sell the hotel on behalf of the buyer and or seller. 

Hotel conversion Hotel Rotterdam

Hotel Conversion Rotterdam Center for circa 40 rooms

Real Estate Focus is offering a very exclusive hotel conversion project for circa 40 hotel rooms in the city center of Rotterdam, located in a busy shopping street. The property entails an empty building with strong characteristic features, which is very suitable for conversion to a luxury boutique hotel including potential restaurant.

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